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Frequently asked questions about making your Will


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I'm married and just want to leave everything to my spouse. Do I Need a Will?

If you die without making a will, fixed legal rules apply to determine who is entitled to what you leave. Your spouse or civil partner will be entitled to everything.

Any other wishes you may have, like leaving money to siblings, charities or specific items to special friends will be overruled.

There is also the question of inheritance tax. If you both die, you could be passing on a big tax bill to someone you love.


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What happens to my estate if I don't make a Will when I'm married with children?

If you have assets of less than £250,000 and die without making a will, then your spouse or civil partner will be entitled to the whole of your estate and children get nothing.

If your estate is worth more than £250,000, your spouse or civil partner is entitled to your 'personal effects,' the first £250,000 of your other assets and half of what is left.

Your children are entitled to the other half, equally. If any of your children pre-decease you, then their share is divided equally between their children.


Doesn’t a solicitor have to make a will?

If you intend to make straightforward bequests, you can make a will without using a solicitor. 

Do I need to make a Will if my partner & I have been together for years, but we're not married? 

If you and your partner are not married or legally united in a civil partnership, your partner will not be automatically entitled to any of your assets when you die – no matter how long your relationship has been - unless you make a will.

What makes a Will legal?

Your Will must be in writing, you must sign it and there must be at least two other people present to witness your signature.

We also make sure you date it, specify that any previous wills are cancelled and name your executor

What else should my Will include??

You should give details of the beneficiaries, including the address of each of them, if possible, and make sure you give clear instructions for specific possessions intended for particular individuals, to ensure that they can be identified.

Your Will should be clear on what will happen to a bequest if the beneficiary pre-deceases you.  Finally, it is best to leave details of your possessions with your Will.

Where should I store my Will?

You should keep the original somewhere safe and off your premises, we can take care of that for you. We make sure you have a copy to show to your Executors and anyone you want to know your wishes.

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