Wills and Trusts

What type of Will do you have?

Your children…

  • Have you thought what their future might hold if you were no longer around?
  • Who would look after your children?
  • Without appointed Guardians, even if they have Godparents, they could end up in Foster Care. A Judge will decide who takes care of them. Don’t leave their future to chance.  Act now.

Your family home…

  • Don’t risk losing your family home to pay for care in old age as a result of the Community Care Act 1990.

10 Reasons to make a Will

  • You have no control on what happens to your estate.
  • There may be disagreements on how your assets are divided. Sadly it is increasingly common for relatives to take court action amongst themselves, splitting families apart.
  • Your family might become involved in unnecessary costs or delays amounting to tens of thousands.
  • You do not choose who looks after any young children.
  • If you were cohabiting without being married your partner will have no automatic right to any of your property. Worse still they could be evicted.
  • There may be insufficient money left to comfortably provide for your partner or spouse.
  • Your family home might need to be sold to distribute your estate unless you make the position clear. This could leave your spouse homeless.
  • There is a risk your estate may have to pay more tax unnecessarily – leaving less to distribute amongst the family.
  • You could find that your business partners are left without protection which could result in a forced sale of your business.
  • Making a Will is common sense and gives you Peace of Mind.

Will Trusts

Setting up Trusts within a Will can be extremely valuable in Estate Planning for a number of different reasons.

When it comes to protecting assets and controlling the distribution of your Estate, Trusts are essential and our advisers can provide a variety of different solutions depending upon your objectives.

Despite changes in legislation there are still some valuable reasons for establishing Trusts in your Will and there are still Inheritance Tax benefits. Having certain assets “ring fenced” in a Trust can ensure that your children are not settlements.

Should a surviving partner become infirm and need to go into long term care, funds in a Trust would not feature in terms of Local Authority means testing. (subject to certain criteria)

Often the solution to many a complex situation can be with the use of a Trust, which can be created as a stand alone document that is set up whilst still alive and comes into force immediately, or if written into your Will, is effected upon your death.

Some of the more common Trusts found in modern Wills are used for protecting your property after your death. You may wish to leave your property to your children but by using a Trust this will allow you to provide for your spouse or partner for the rest of their life.

Avoiding inheritance taxes legally can be a minefield but the one guaranteed route, wholly endorsed by the Inland Revenue, is by way of a Discretionary Will Trust either set up in your lifetime or within your Will to be effected on the first death of a couple.

The other services we offer are regulated under the FCA, so we make sure that our requirements for Will Writing have the same high standard. We treat a ‘will’ client with the same level of customer service and ethics. Will Writing is not regulated by the FCA, therefore we are fully trained, supported and governed by New Leaf Will Writers Federation. Their ethics and code of conduct are of the highest quality with full liability insurance. Evolution for Women adhere to their code of conduct and we ensure that your situation will be treated with care and professionalism.

Our Legal Consultants are all members of the New Leaf Will Writers Federation, and are bound by the Federations’s Code of Conduct and by their stringent vetting and continuous training. We do not speak in ‘legal jargon’.

Why risk your entire estate to be dealt with under a will drawn up by anyone other than a trained professional?

Making a Will is easy

Evolution for Women offer free consultation appointments, either at your home or in our office, with no commitment other than a cup of tea or coffee. Please send us an enquiry and we will get in touch or call us on 0330 3322 612.

Will Writing is not regulated by the FSA

Evolution for Women is a business partner of New Leaf Will Writers Federation which is a trading style of New Leaf Distribution Limited.

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