Jennie Delelis

jenLife, Protection Advisor and Will Writer

My name is Jennie Delelis and I am a Life, Protection Advisor and Will Writer (and working towards becoming a qualified mortgage broker too!) with Evolution for Women as well as being mum to a lively 6 year old girl. I am based in Southend, Essex.

I became part of the Evolution For Women team over 2 years ago now and I absolutely love it! Helping families and businesses around me plan for their future and the future of their family is so rewarding.

I want to inspire women and their families not just how to be savvy with their finances, but to help them achieve financial stability too. I know only too well the importance of being able to understand what’s going on financially so that you can take control and ensure your family is fully looked after and protected against any eventuality. So that’s what gets me up in the morning and I love the difference I make in people’s lives every single day.

I use terms that are clear and easy to understand without compromising on the quality of my services. I give holistic advice on how to protect clients in the event of illness, unemployment and death and I want them to feel safe knowing that their finances and assets will be taken care of if the worst happens.

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Telephone: 01702 814601


1. I am a mum of one and want like any other parent the best for my child. Each day I worked hard starting at 4 o’clock in the morning. However, the job no longer excited me. I knew I wanted to do something different and help people just like me. I didn’t know what that would be or how I would be able to do this. (click here to read more)